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Why a Regular Pet Wellness Exam Is Essential for Your Furry Friend

By January 25, 2024 March 22nd, 2024 No Comments

If your pet hasn’t had a pet wellness exam in the last year, it could be time that you bring them in for a pet check-up. It’s important for your pet to see the vet at least once a year to get this exam. This is in addition to your other appointments, such as dog dental exams and pet teeth cleaning. You may also want to spay and neuter your pets, and sometimes, they will need pet surgery and pet rehabilitation for more serious conditions. When you want to keep your pet in the best health possible, make sure you don’t miss any of these important vet visits.

What Happens During a Pet Wellness Exam?

Pet Check-Ups

When you bring in your pet for a yearly pet wellness exam, you help them to stay healthier. There may be any number of health problems that your pet has, and a check-up can help find those problems so they can be treated. Often, an annual check-up reveals a small problem that can be treated before it gets any bigger. This can save your pet from a lot of severe illnesses and other health issues that could cause them a lot of painful symptoms. A pet check-up also examines your pet for any injuries you weren’t aware of. If your pet has an eye or ear infection, this will be found during a pet wellness exam.


Your pet will also be due for their vaccinations at their annual exam. It’s important that they get their regularly scheduled vaccines to keep them from catching preventable diseases. Many of the diseases prevented by these shots can be very serious and even fatal. Getting a rabies shot is required by law, and this can be done every year, or your pet can get a three-year shot to protect them from this deadly disease.

Benefits of an Annual Pet Exam

If your pet needs any other therapies, such as dog acupuncture or a vet chiropractor, this can be discovered during your pet’s annual wellness exam at K. Vet Animal Care. You can also use this time to talk about any problems you’re having with your dog or cat, such as behavioral problems or changes in their behavior. There may be a health problem, such as arthritis, behind these changes. Our veterinarian can also give you expert advice on things like potty training and other issues.

The vet will also look at your pet’s teeth to see whether you need a pet dental appointment. As dogs get older, they may have a serious buildup of tartar or even infected teeth. It’s important for their teeth to get the attention they need for better health. If your pet has had surgery during the year, the wound can also be checked to make sure it’s healing as it should.

Get Your Annual Pet Exam in Greensburg, PA

It’s always important to get your cat or dog’s annual exam to check for any problems. When it’s time for your pet to get their check-up, you can call us at K. Vet Animal Care at 724-216-5174. We’re the Greensburg, PA, vet that has a number of cutting-edge procedures and holistic treatments for pets to provide them the best care they need for their best health. With our care, your pet will be in very good hands.

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