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Pet Dental Services at KVet Animal Care

You may think of your pet as one tough customer, especially if you see them carrying tree branches or other challenging objects around in his mouth. But that mouth can fall prey to the same kinds of dental diseases and disorders as your own, making it critical that you schedule pet dental care. Fortunately, KVet Animal Care in Greensburg PA makes it easy to give your pet the dental exams, cleanings, and treatments needed to help ensure a healthier mouth and a happier life.

Your Pet's Dental Health: Conditions for Our Greensburg Veterinarian

What kinds of veterinary dental challenges should you bear in mind? For one thing, pet use their teeth the way humans use our hands, meaning that it's all too easy for teeth to get cracked and broken in everyday use. A damaged tooth opens a pathway to bacterial infection, causing the root canal and surrounding jawbone to develop painful problems and possibly posing a health threat to other parts of the body. Bacteria also feature prominently in the most common pet dental problem, periodontal disease. This gum disease starts when bacteria flock to tartar, triggering an inflammatory response that can destroy the tissue. Your pet can suffer severe pain and even lose teeth to this disease.

While periodontal disease may make itself obvious through symptoms such as bleeding, foul breath, pus discharge, and swollen gums, an even deadlier threat may go unnoticed. Oral cancer can be hard for owners to detect, even as it develops quickly into a terminal condition. Our Greensburg veterinarian can screen for oral cancer and other dental issues, detecting them before they reach a critical point.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning, Exams, and Treatment

Let KVet Animal Care serve as your trusted source of pet dental health and wellness. Our Greensburg veterinarian recommends annual dental exams for most pets (and more frequent exams for senior pets and other higher-risk animals). We can perform careful evaluations to check for any sign of diseases or injuries. If treatment is needed, we will discuss the options and make recommendations. We can remove cancerous tissue, fight infections with antibiotics, and extract a tooth that is too far gone for other treatment methods. Cat and dog teeth cleaning under anesthesia removes the tartar that leads to periodontal disease. We'll even advise you on how to optimize your pet's dental wellness on an everyday basis.

Help Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Mouth -- Call Our Greensburg Veterinarian

Your best friend deserves the best possible quality of life, including a healthy mouth. Call our Greensburg veterinarian at 724-216-5174 to schedule an exam!

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